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Payment Details

Other Affiliate Programs pay a percentage of sub-affiliate's commissions.  For example, in a typical 2-Tier Program:

1) You earn 30% on your own sales.  For a $120 order, you would earn $36 in commissions.

2) 2nd Tier - you earn 10% of your sub-affiliate's COMMISSIONS.  If your sub-affiliate earns $36 in commissions, you would earn 10% of $36 - that's only $3.60.

On our 2nd Tier we pay 10% on GROSS PROCEEDS from sales.  If your sub-affiliate makes a $120 sale, you would earn 10% of $120 - that's $12.00!  More than 3 times the typical multi-tier Affiliate Program!

Here is a summary of the Commission Structure explained on our Home Page.


You Earn

1 -   You make a Sale 40% of Gross Proceeds
2 -   Webmaster you referred makes a Sale 10% of Gross Proceeds

We are paying an ASTOUNDING 50% of sales proceeds to our Affiliates!  Whenever any customer referred by you or someone in your 2-Tier Network places an order, you will earn a commission based on the gross proceeds from that sale.  It is as simple as that!

Send us referrals, we take care of the rest.  We handle all customer support, ship products, follow up with email and newsletters (even to prospects that didn't buy yet) and do everything else necessary to generate orders and re-orders.  You profit by just placing an affiliate link on your website.  We also provide detailed stats on the traffic you send and the resulting sales.

Due to competitive, well-researched pricing structures, a majority of our orders are for multiple bottles.  Which means bigger commissions to you!  And when you refer a customer, your Affiliate ID will always be associated with that customer.  So once your customers recognize meaningful benefits from our products and re-order on a regular basis, you will receive commissions on each and every sale!

Monthly Payments
All webmasters are paid on the 10th of the month for the previous month's sales.  For example, all commissions earned during the month of March would be paid on April 10th.  You will receive a check in the mail drawn on a USA bank paid by "Affluent Trade Management, Inc".  The check will indicate the source of income as "".

If you would prefer payment by wire transfer or you would like your check via FedEx, please email us to get setup.  The fee for wire transfers is $40 and FEDEX is $25.

We have been operating our affiliate program since April 2004 and have never missed a payment to date.


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